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How am I doing as the great Professor Sage? Straight A's or F's across the board? Please let me know here, in the comfort of complete anonymity.
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Nothing fancy right now. Will update to look nicer!

OOC Permissions:
Backtagging: Absolutely
Threadhopping: Please do. For action-type threads, a heads up would be nice
Fourthwalling: Sure
Offensive Topics: If you can offend me, you get a prize. (IE: No, none)

IC Permissions:
Hugging: Sure. Though she might try to push you off
Kissing: Absolutely. You might even surprise her
Flirting: Have at it, but she might sandbag you
Sex?: When in Rome a sex game...
Power Use on Raine?: Always down, though if you're reading her mind or trying to control/influence/what have you, give me a heads up first so I can plot/course it out
Fighting her: By all means. It's not like she isn't battle tested or anything
Injuring her: She can heal herself from most wounds, so feel free.
Killing her: Give me a heads up first. I'm open to it, but not wily nily

Smut IC Permissions:
Kink Permissions: Her Kink List
(Long version short: Not much turns me off and most things I'm game to try. Hit me up, we'll figure something out.)
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Just going to keep this simple for now. This will eventually evolve into more of a tracking post for Raine's assets, acquisitions and properties. For now, we'll keep it simple for this.

Ushiromiya Estate Positions:

Head Housekeeper: -
Security Chief: -
Master Chef: -
Gardener: -

Raine's Personal Employ:

Personal Assistant:
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Floor Plan

This is long overdue, but I'm finally transitioning this from Eirin's journal to Raine's. So here is the guest house. It's a sprawling one-story that's the house directly behind the Manor proper. Through the gardens is the gate that connects the back yards of these two estates.

There has been some renovations done to the guest house since it's acquisition in November and some more that will be done with the new addition of a doctor on staff. Any new renovations following Raine's acquisition of it back in February will be updated here as they become necassary. Below are the current room arrangements, which are subject to change and adjust as time goes on.

Master Bedroom: Raine Sage

Bedroom 2: Vacant

Bedroom 3: Vacant

Bedroom 4: Vacant

Converted Garage: Vacant

The Office has been previously renovated to serve better as clinic.

The Armory has a very secure keypad lock with only the following having access at this time: Raine

The Pool is heated.
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From the front.

And the back

Floor Plans

First Floor

Second Floor

And Basement

And here's the Ushiromiya Estate. This is the current layout as per what I've lifted from Eirin's journal. I know the second floor plan is a little confusing, but you just need to picture it over the first floor and then look at the renders of the outside and you can place the rooms.

Here's the room arrangements.

Master Suite: Vacant

Suite 2: Vacant

Suite 3: Vacant

Suite 4: Vacant

Bedroom A: Vacant

Bedroom B: Vacant

Bedroom C: Vacant

Bedroom D: Vacant

Guest 1: Vacant

Guest 2: Vacant

Guest 3: Vacant

The Workshop is accessible to everyone in the estate.

Rooms labeled Mech are utility rooms and of no import.

The Game Room and Billiards are accessible to everyone in the estate.

The Library is two stories and sadly lacking in books. This will need to be fixed at some point in the future as the entire second level isn't even in use.

The S Room is the Manor's security office.

Off the Veranda is the spacious, fenced back yard with an open area of training and extensive gardens. There is a gate through the gardens connecting the Manor to the Guest House.

And not shown is an Attic.


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